Silona Releases ‘Course Of Life’

Indie/dream folk singer, songwriter Silona has released her latest track ‘Course Of Life’ which sprung from an abusive relationship.

The title itself suggests a journey, this is reflective of the mood of the song. The journey is embedded within the lyrics and instrumental of the track.

‘Course Of Life’ is a soft toned song. The sense of reflection is rooted deep within the song with lyrics such as ‘choice is just a made up word’ – the lyricism reflects the heartache and difficult situations which Silona endured and what lead her to creating such a beautiful song.

Acoustic vibes reign throughout this song. The repetition of ‘destroy me’ towards the close of the song adds a haunting element to the song which adds to the seriousness of the message that Silona is wishing to convey.

Silona evidently writes from the heart. The song closes with a choral sounding element, something which suggests an element of peace. This is songwriting at its height, the height of poetry.

‘Course Of Life’ is available on all streaming platforms.

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